Saturday, October 3, 2009

Chevron job

I've been reading about Chevron over the last week. Which might be due to my starting a part-time job with them soon.

For those familiar with the Tauranga/Mount area, I'll be located on Totara St (off Hewletts Rd) where all those huge tanks are. Shell, BP and Mobil are also thereabouts. Fulton Hogan, Downers and others who use lots of smelly Bitumen have their own tanks right next to the road.

Anyway, Chevron is the parent company of Caltex and Challenge! (which they bought in 2001). It is a global company that can trace its roots to Standard Oil and the California oil rush of the late 1800's.

Caltex, as we know it in New Zealand, started as a joint venture between Socal (Standard Oil Co of CALifornia) and Texaco (which was still a seperate company) in 1936. This created California Texas Oil Co (Caltex)

About the same time as Challenge! was purchased/merged in 2001, Chevron and Texaco merged as well, resulting in the Caltex joint venture becoming more formalised as a company brand.

Other mergers happening with Gulf and Unocal (76), but these weren't that significant in New Zealand.

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