Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I had decided that I needed to buy a cellphone. My requirements were simple, clam-shell design, no camera. With two cellphone companies in NZ, I thought this should be easy. However, as far as I can tell, Vodafone don't have any phones without a camera. So I ended up with one from Telecom, and it was a bottom-of-the-line unit. I'm lucky I didn't want GSM or GPRS as that is what Vodafone uses, or wasn't too fussed about using CDMA 2000 1X.

This really should have been easier, but apparantly I just don't understand what people want their cellphone to do....

Originally posted 7 August 2006


I've been running Setiathome for several years now. After all, my free and unused CPU cycles may as well be doing something.

The Seti project is currently moving to use BOINC and their new home page gives more information on this. They are experiencing some problems at the moment as the BOINC conversion has proved to be more popular than they expected.

Originally posted 19 June 2006

Information Systems and Competition

Well, as I'm not much of a Capitalist (although I'm really into Democracy), I don't really like companies quashing competition in the computer industry.

As a result, I really like Linux (don't care much about which distro, or which UI), I love Mozilla (along with Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird, etc...). I use cygwin and MinGW to get a unix type interface to Windows XP.

Originally posted 16 June 2006